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Exeter's STORM SHIELD Hurricane Barriers

STORM SHIELD Hurricane Barriers have been selected by county officials for the new Dade County Emergency Operations Center In Miami. The Project, which is now under constructions, is expected to be completed by April of 2000. Nick Michalisin, Vice President of Exeter Architectural Products said, "While working with county officials on this project, it became paramount early on that the new Dade County Emergency Operations Center have the same level of protection that we provided for the State of Florida Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee. We are looking Forward to completing the project on time so that the new center is operational well before the 2000 hurricane season begins." Exeter Architectural Products of Wyoming, Pa. and Stuart, FL. is totally committed to being a world class supplier of hurricane barriers.

Exeter's patented STORM SHIELD Hurricane Barrier System is a unique shutter system for doors and windows. It is the only Metro Dade approved product that uses InvisPerf as the shutter media. This revolutionary new concept in shutter protection is designed for maximum occupant comfort. Intensive research studies in visual perception enabled Exeter to develop this unique shutter system that features strong physical protection without obstructing views or compromising aesthetics or safety.

STORM SHIELD performance plus features offer superior value and unique advantages to users. Multiple performance shutters designed for function and value provide storm protection from flying objects and wind borne debris, security protection deterring intruders or vandals and sun protection reducing unwanted solar heat gain by almost 50%. Reducing the solar heat gain is a practical method for saving energy.

Exeter Architectural Products is the exclusive manufacturer of STORM SHIELD Hurricane barriers. These unique features and its proprietary design combined into one product have qualified Exeter to be the designated sole source supplier on many government and municipal projects throughout the coastal region. STORM SHIELD is custom manufactured on a building by building basis to fit specific window openings and architectural conditions. Narrow and equal site lines incorporated into the framing system are compatible with all types of glazing systems and building designs. STORM SHIELD compliments the aesthetics of your property. The first sensible severe weather protection you can see thru has been recognized and approved for use by the Dade County Historical Review Board, State of Florida and FEMA.

EXETER STORM SHIELD™ Offers Hurricane Protection for Windows and Doors at a Higher Level

Bonnie Burke had grown tired of the arduous process of preparing for hurricane after hurricane.   With her husband often on road for work, the responsibility of protecting their Palm City, Florida home for incoming hurricanes often fell on her shoulders. The ever increasing burden of her time and labor, not to mention the cost of plywood and other less than adequate hurricane protection had taken its toll.

"We started looking for a product we could choose to leave in place year round, and provided more protection than just plywood," remarked Burke. "Then we found STORM SHIELD™ Hurricane Barriers on the internet. Not only could the product protect our doors and windows during a storm, it did it with minimum preparation and effort."

After riding out Hurricane Francis and Gene in 2004, and Wilma in 2005, the Burke residence emerged unscathed with their STORM SHIELD™ protected windows and doors intact, despite the rigors of three hurricane eyes in just over a year. The residence was fitted with a variety of different STORM SHIELD™ product offerings custom made out of a super strong perforated metal infill. Quicker and easier to install than corrugated panels, STORM SHIELD™ provided an easy one-time installation done by the homeowner.

Exeter Architectural Products invented the concept of the see-thru hurricane shutter when they introduced their patented STORM SHIELD™ system in 1994. STORM SHIELD™ was designed to provide a higher level of hurricane protection. In fact, STORM SHIELD™ was able to meet and exceed the FEMA recommended code for critical infrastructure, ASTM E 1996 04 Level E protection criteria, years before this code was enacted. While successfully protecting government facilities, hospitals, schools, and commercial buildings, Exeter also found that protecting private residences at these higher levels to be just as critical.

"No one should have to ride out a hurricane in a plywood box or aluminum can," said Harold Flack, President of Exeter Architectural Products. "Our research indicates that people find this experience extremely traumatic. STORM SHIELD™ allows light in, provides excellent visibility, and the secure feeling of knowing that your windows and door will remain intact."

Additionally, when left in place, STORM SHIELD™ Hurricane Barriers provide physical security, prevent vandalism, and lessen solar heat gain by deflecting 50% of harmful UV rays, while giving the impression of tinted glass. STORM SHIELD™ Hurricane Barriers have a pleasing aesthetic quality to them and have been the only form of hurricane protection approved by The National Historic Register for number of high profile projects.  

"We were worried that our Homeowners' Association wouldn't approve," said Burke, "but when we learned that it was approved for Vizcaya, we knew we found the right hurricane shutter system."

For more information or to purchase STORM SHIELD™ Hurricane Barriers, call Exeter Architectural Products at 1-570-693-4220 or visit Reference: NOA 03-0606.03, 03-0606.04, and 01-0604.03.

Shop: 47052 Conrad E. Anderson Street, Hammond, LA 70401
Mailing: 266 34th Street, New Orleans, LA 70124

Phone: 570-693-4220

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